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Employee training is one of the most fundamental steps to take in your business. There is a maxim that the most expensive mistakes in business are personnel mistakes. Just this fact alone can cost your business not only its income but also its reputation. Yes, good personnel may be hard to find but this can be overcome by training your staff and making them familiar with your company’s basic structure as well as the fundamentals of management, organization, and inter-office relations.

It’s not easy to replace the trusted executive who has been working in your company for decades and knows every bit about it. It CAN be made easier when you have trained your personnel and, in a matter of just weeks, they know the organizational basics inside out and become trusted, reliable, and more productive.

EMA Online Training is the answer. With a complete program of online training videos, you can teach your executives and employees the basics of management, executive leadership, PR, and Marketing.

Try EMA Online Training. If you can push a button you can train your staff; they are that easy to implement. This online training program covers organizational basics, executive basics, public relations, marketing, and much more. This first level of training, all by itself, has turned many, many businesses around or set them on the course to success.

The Online EMA Training Courses Your Introduction to Fasttrack Training!

The Basic Orientation Course

This course is a basic orientation into the Hubbard Management System and gives important tools and tips any employee or executive can use immediately. In just 2 hours you will know more about organization and management than you thought.

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Basic Staff Training Online Course

This course consisting of 35 videos including practical assignments gives your employees a thorough and profound understanding of basic organizational principles, job performance, their relationship with all parts of your company, fundamentals of productivity, and much more.

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Professional PR & Marketing Online Course

The 36 videos, tons of practical assignments and a wealth of inside information contained in this course teaches you the basic principles of Public Relations, Marketing, and Sales, and is a MUST to attain and ensure consistent income and productivity.

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Executive Business Strategies Online Course

This course, consisting of 35 videos, practical assignments, and valuable tips teaches executives the tools of the management game, including financial management, how to increase production, how to build a viable customer base, how to troubleshoot problem areas and get them functioning again, the secrets of hiring qualified personnel and much more.

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In addition to the above courses, EMA also offers a series of Specialist Courses, which include:

Breaking the Code

Breaking The Code: The Mysteries of Modern Management Unlocked contains the answers to the “mysterious” and seemingly unsolvable problems of successfully managing any business or organization. The materials in this book have been developed over decades of research and experience with organizations. The principles are simple, usable and, if applied, work.

Consisting of 8 online courses comprising the entire book, Breaking the Code tackles each aspect of organization and management in great detail, and forms the path to dramatically increased expansion.

The Small Business Success Course (Owner’s version)
The Small Business Success Course (Employee Version)
Mastering the Five Steps of Successful Selling
Keys to Successful Employment

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Company and Corporate Subscriptions

Most EMA online training courses require an annual subscription plan which takes care of set-up fees, course monitoring, and instructor guidance, as well as support assistance for all courses. One subscription allows for all company executives and employees to purchase online training for a greatly reduced price. And with a subscription, the first course is free!


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    Effective Management Association of Texas helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to flourish and prosper using the Hubbard® Management System. It is an alumni association of the Hubbard College of Administration International (HCA Int). HCA Int is the key emanation point for Mr. Hubbard’s Administrative Technology in the business world, where it is commonly referred to as “The Hubbard® Management System”. An alumnus is a graduate or former student of a particular school, college, or university. It is derived from the Latin word for “pupil”. Most colleges and universities have alumni organizations for the benefit of their former students and graduates as well as to help forward the mission of the institution. It is a non-profit 501c3 organization.