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Seminars & Workshops

Before diving into the more involved EMA training, you may want to begin with the EMA’s seminar services and get a taste of what the Hubbard Management System can do for you and your employees or co-workers.


The best way to get introduced to the Hubbard Management System is through live seminars, learning from those who have walked your road and negotiated the barriers you have faced through a combination of their experience and their hard-won knowledge. Seminars are held at our EMA Training Center or in-house at your company – keeping within the safety rules of our State. They focus on the most important fundamentals, one topic at a time. They are free or low cost, and always valuable, no matter the level of training of the participants. First time attendees mingle with the veterans, and connections are made that can last a lifetime.

Workshops & Bootcamps

One of the most effective short-term training methods for owners and employees are our workshops and bootcamps. Our workshops are hands-on, interactive and very instructive. With topics from daily company activities such as customer service, production barriers, financial situations or personnel issues, these workshops are made to help solve these problems through learning the right procedures and practicing these until they are known cold. Bootcamps are even more intense and are aimed to get owners and employees to work together as a team to tackle any situation in the business. Both workshops and bootcamps are delivered according to the CDC safety instructions either in-house at your company location, or at an EMA location nearby.


The EMA is also delivering online seminars, called webinars, which you can watch from the comfort of your own home. The EMA FastTrack Webinars are a continuing series of bi-weekly webinars, presented by the best of the best in the Hubbard Management System. These webinars are like having your own personal business consultant right there with you, and take place on the first and third Tuesday of every month from noon to 1 pm. After their first airing they are available for one week. EMA webinars are a perfect opportunity to get consulted by top experts who have been where you are today. Their real-life experience has helped many viewers successfully overcome similar business situations.

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    Effective Management Association, Texas


    Monday—Friday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
    Saturday & Sunday: 11:00AM–3:00PM


    Effective Management Association of Texas helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to flourish and prosper using the Hubbard® Management System. It is an alumni association of the Hubbard College of Administration International (HCA Int). HCA Int is the key emanation point for Mr. Hubbard’s Administrative Technology in the business world, where it is commonly referred to as “The Hubbard® Management System”. An alumnus is a graduate or former student of a particular school, college, or university. It is derived from the Latin word for “pupil”. Most colleges and universities have alumni organizations for the benefit of their former students and graduates as well as to help forward the mission of the institution. It is a non-profit 501c3 organization.