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The Key Advantages of Trained Employees

By Clifford Woods

The successful training of the employees and executives of businesses provides three significant and vital advantages.  These are stability and consistency in their job performance, increased productivity, and a higher level of job satisfaction, dedication, and loyalty to the business as a result of a more outstanding contribution to the survival of the company. It also resolves staff weaknesses and aligns goals, and much more. See the article on why it’s so important to train your staff.

Unsuccessful or no training can cost a company huge is lost revenue and diminishing profit margins. Not to mention dissatisfaction, unrest, and lowered productivity that can come about as a result of employees not knowing their jobs well enough to perform them efficiently.

Stresses, high tension between “labor” and “management” and, in some cases, outright revolt can be traced back to employees and executives not being trained or unsuccessfully trained.

How does the training of employees and executives contribute to the three critical factors mentioned above? Here is how.

Advantage 1: Stability and consistency in job performance

When successfully trained, an employee or executive knows how to do his or her job and how to do them correctly every time (consistency).  There is nothing more stable and prouder than an employee who knows how to do his job correctly and can demonstrate that competence effortlessly.  There is a particular pride in doing a job well, and the confidence this instills is a pleasure to behold!  The key to keeping a job is doing the job and doing it well.

Advantage 2: Increase in productivity

An employee or executive who knows exactly how to perform every step necessary to do his job well and can do so consistently makes fewer mistakes, does not waste time and supplies, and produces more than an untrained employee, any day of the week. Naturally, knowledgeable performance increases productivity and the overall profit of a business.

Advantage 3: Job satisfaction, dedication, and loyalty

When an employee enters a company, there is a fundamental agreement or contract that ensues.  The employee does the job to the best of his or her abilities, and the company rewards said employees with a paycheck, bonuses, promotion, etc.  An untrained employee can become miserable due to poor performance on the job and start to feel dissatisfied with himself and those around him or her.  The successfully trained employee, on the other hand, doing an excellent job for the company, is honoring his contract, and this provides superior job satisfaction.

Further, as both the company and employees are “keeping their word” to each other, they become somewhat dedicated to their mutual success. Pride in a job well done, and the keeping of one’s word brings about a great deal of loyalty.

So, how does one ensure that company employees and executives get successfully trained?

The Hubbard(R) Management System is the answer. It is used in more than 140.000 companies and corporations in over 75 countries.  The Hubbard(R) Management System is flanked by over 25 Hubbard Colleges of Administration worldwide. More about the Hubbard Management System here.

The Effective Management Association of Texas offers effective training solutions for you and your staff.

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