The Hubbard Management System: A Comprehensive Exploration


“The key to efficient management is organization,” wrote L. Ron Hubbard in his acclaimed work, ‘The Problems of Work.’ The Hubbard Management System, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, author, humanitarian, and philosopher, is a management methodology to improve productivity, efficiency, and overall organizational success. For businesses and organizations seeking to achieve their goals, the Hubbard Management System offers various potential benefits.

I. Enhanced Organizational Structure

Central to the Hubbard Management System is the “organizing board,” a visual representation of all the organizational functions and tasks arranged hierarchically based on importance and interdependence. The idea is to have every role within the organization accounted for on the board, creating a clear picture of the organization’s structure and operational flow.

“In my experience, the organizing board has been a pivotal tool in identifying gaps, redundancies, and bottlenecks within the team. This clarity of structure has allowed us to delegate tasks and responsibilities better and to communicate our goals more effectively,” says Jane Thompson, CEO of Thompson & Co.

II. Clear Definition of Goals

The Hubbard Management System also emphasizes the importance of having a clearly defined purpose for each role and organization. This approach aligns the organization’s members towards a common goal and enhances individual motivation and job satisfaction.

“The Hubbard Management System has allowed us to define our company’s purpose in a way that resonates with each employee,” explains David Liu, COO of Stellar Tech. “This alignment has led to a surge in employee engagement and productivity, as everyone understands how their role contributes to the bigger picture.”

III. Continual Productivity Improvement

Statistic graph

Statistics and analytics are fundamental components of the Hubbard Management System, providing a robust basis for monitoring performance and improving productivity. The system promotes the use of ‘conditions’ and ‘formulas’ that prescribe actions based on performance statistics.

“Applying these statistical principles to our daily operations has resulted in consistent productivity gains,” says Melissa Sanchez, Operations Manager at GreenSolutions. “We’ve identified areas of weakness, devised effective solutions, and tracked their progress.”

IV. Enhanced Communication

Efficient communication is at the heart of the Hubbard Management System. The system advocates the “Communication Lines,” which facilitate two-way communication between different organizational roles and levels. The aim is to foster transparency, mutual understanding, and collaboration.

“Improved communication within our team has significantly improved our working environment and boosted our productivity,” confirms Mark Anderson, Director of Anderson Legal Services. “The Hubbard Management System has facilitated an open and collaborative culture within our firm.”

V. Effective Training

The Hubbard Management System also includes a methodology for effective training and skill development. Hubbard’s ‘Study Technology’ is designed to ensure that trainees not only acquire knowledge but understand and can apply what they’ve learned.

“Investing in ‘Study Technology’ has significantly improved our training programs. The practical orientation of the method ensures our employees can apply what they learn directly to their roles,” shares Sarah Miller, HR Director at CyberNix.


The Hubbard Management System, emphasizing clear organizational structure, well-defined goals, analytics-based productivity improvement, enhanced communication, and practical training, provides a comprehensive model for enhancing organizational efficiency and success. Many leaders have found value in its principles, experiencing significant improvements in their organization’s performance and growth.

“The Hubbard Management System has allowed us to operate more efficiently, align our goals, and foster a positive, productive work environment,” says Thompson. “These improvements have undeniably boosted our business’s overall performance.”