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Hubbard management system

By Clifford Woods

Hubbard management system, the tool to bring efficiency in functions and operations

The Hubbard Management System, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, an author, philosopher, humanitarian, and Founder of the Scientology religion, has been proving immense help in transforming organizations’ management. Needless to say, as a philosopher, Mr. Hubbard cannot be simply categorized as his life was too varied, and his influence too broad. Even today,Mr. Hubbard is inspiring millions of people around the world. It is evident that Mr. Hubbard played several roles in people’s lives, and depending upon who you are, you have a specific image of him. For instance, tribesmen in Southern Africa remember him as an educator. Similarly, Albania’s factory workers know him for his administrative discoveries, and children around the world know him only as the author of their moral code.

Why is The Hubbard Management System so great?

The primary focus of the Hubbard Management System is in understanding how individual best function. For instance, according to this system, it is essential to know what humans’ needs are and what they aspire to and fail. Nonetheless, understanding a human being and then using his conclusion to study the group helps determine what works in an organization. It is quite essential to know how humans work individually and with a group.

According to the Hubbard Management System, how people cooperate with others is essential to understanding businesses. Though administrative gimmicks or authoritarian decrees may work at times, it is the compassionate view of groups as individuals united in a common purpose that works always. Hubbard spent more than three decades developing and codifying the Hubbard Management System’s administrative policies, and they are all taught for effective management in an organization.

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