Incredible SALES BOOTCAMP is Here!


The sales Bootcamp is here! Delivery is by Patrick Valtin on the 2nd, 9th, AND 16th of  October from 3 – 5 PM (EST). It will be challenging, brutal, and intense. False information on sales will be handled, and you will get the source information on selling needed to make you a success! NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Go to:  for more details and to get your tickets. 

Clifford Woods – Director, Effective Management Association of Texas (

with: Patrick Valtin – How to Negotiate and Sell Your Way to the Top! Oct 2nd, 9th, & 16th via


“My closing ratio jumped over 200% within the 6 months following my training with Patrick on sales strategies. The data are simple and easy to implement. I got rid of many false data and incorrect techniques that were making me losing customers every day. Now I truly enjoy selling. Thank you so much!” – Alex F. – Crisis Management consultant.

“My sales increased by over 100% within one month after I attended Patrick’s training. I am selling real estate and I always thought that some sales techniques would not apply in my industry. Now I realize that selling is about attitude, not about techniques. I strongly recommend sales professionals to forget that they know about selling and do Patrick’s sales training.” – Ido F., Real Estate Investor.

“Your sales can only improve by attending Patrick’s sales workshop or online course.  It does NOT matter what you sell… you will greatly benefit from his presentation and information! The practical drills are fabulous!  They definitely break down one’s own barriers to confronting and helping the prospect buy your service or product.”

Thank you very much!

– Tony F. Pre-paid legal services