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Everything Mr. Hubbard has written, which comprises the entire body of administrative technology, has been published in books, articles and course materials, available for everyone who wishes to study and learn the vast subject of administration. We have listed on these pages the most essential of these materials so that they can be ordered and used in your workshops and courses. These books and materials are published by the Hubbard College Press and the links on these pages will enable you to purchase these materials on their website.

The L. Ron Hubbard Reference Set

What if you had the key references available for every employee?

The Hubbard Management System is the foundation of success for tens of thousands of businesses around the world. And it’s exactly for that reason that this material was codified and packaged into one unique and comprehensive reference set. With all the key administrative and organizational references at your fingertips, training your executives and employees has become simple and fast.

This 12-volume Hubbard College of Administration Reference Set enables you to find the exact references you need in any business setting or situation, while the extensive glossaries make sure that every bit of technology is defined and understood.

This new reference set includes:

Each volume also includes its own index and glossary.

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To order any of these materials or gain access to the full library of Mr. Hubbard’s administrative works, go to hubbardcollegepress.org.

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Effective Management Association of Texas helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to flourish and prosper using the Hubbard® Management System. It is an alumni association of the Hubbard College of Administration International (HCA Int). HCA Int is the key emanation point for Mr. Hubbard’s Administrative Technology in the business world, where it is commonly referred to as “The Hubbard® Management System”. An alumnus is a graduate or former student of a particular school, college, or university. It is derived from the Latin word for “pupil”. Most colleges and universities have alumni organizations for the benefit of their former students and graduates as well as to help forward the mission of the institution. It is a non-profit 501c3 organization.